PB Luxury Nails - Nail salon in 92109, San Diego

is to provide you the best possible services and a warm atmosphere so you can enjoy, relax and unwind. Our desire is to ensure your satisfaction with our erxperience and attentive staffs, utmost sanitation standards, and quality products from the most trusted names in the beauty industry

Special Massage Chair

1/2 hour$15
Spend $50 and get 10′ full body massage on special massage chair

Concentration on cleanliness…

At French Nail Desing, we sanitize each client’s nail instruments and keep them separate for each client. For the spa, we promptly clean and sanitize after every service.

Clean, sanitize, deodorize, moisturize


Affervescent sanitizing pedicure tablets

* Protect from 99.9% of the germ

* Moisturizes

* Soften cuticles

* Whitens nails

* Clean refreshing lavender scent

We use flower & fresh lemon to make your toe nails white & clear

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